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I’m Nigel. I’m an award-winning digital marketer, content marketer and data insight specialist with more than 20 years marketing experience at director level. I’ll help you transform your digital marketing. Services: digital marketing; content marketing; digital strategy; content; campaign reporting and data analysis.


My widow’s peaks tell a story of more years experience than I’d like to admit. I’m an award-winning digital marketer, content marketer and data insight specialist – marketing at director level for over 20 years (see brand logos below).

I’ll help you to transform your digital marketing. Happy to discuss one-off contracts as well as short and long-term projects or positions.

I have excellent communication skills, working with all levels of internal and client stakeholders.

I mainly work remotely but happy to discuss your needs if some on-site time is required for your project or contract.

How I can help
Digital marketing services list from Nigel Jay Cooper: Digital Strategy, Data Analysis and reporting, content creating, digital marketing coaching
Digital and Content Strategy

Know where you are going and why. I can develop – or execute – your digital marketing strategy.

Account Based Marketing

Experienced with high-value enterprise software with a long sales cycle.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Need reporting that actually tells you what you should do next based on your data? I’m highly experienced in providing reporting that actually makes a difference, combining all social media, brand comms and website data into one insight report if necessary. Data analysis; report creation and writing; insight-led strategic recommendations; report and data presentation/design.

Digital marketing delivery

Both management & hands-on experience of delivering tactical and strategic digital marketing that gets results.

Content creation

Get your message across clearly. Report and white paper writing ; blog writing; social media post writing; website and brochure copywriting; email copywriting and copy editing.

Content Distribution

I can create a complete action plan to promote your content on the right online channels for your target audience, so you know who you’re speaking to, where you should be speaking to them and how.


I’ve coached 100s of employees from globals brands to build their online presence on behalf of their brand, particularly on LinkedIn. If you’re looking to activate your employees, ask me about coaching.


I can provide bespoke, individual or team training available in all things digital marketing and content. Delivered however works for you: online, live, recorded or in person at your offices.

who am I?

Nigel Jay Cooper

I’m a highly-experienced digital and content marketing expert with more than 20 years experience with organisations large and small.

I’ve devised digital marketing strategies for numerous leading global brands, led marketing project teams and have extensive hands-on experience delivering content and digital marketing to support sales and grow brand awareness.

Brands I’ve helped include: Post Office, John Lewis & Partners, Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW), Waitrose, Air Mauritius, Virgin, Constance Hotels & Resorts, Brighton & Hove Council, Saatchi & Saatchi.

Early on in my career, I was a writer and editor for Channel 4 Television, supporting their TV programming online as both editor and writer.

In my spare time, I write fiction and have had 3 bestselling contemporary/ literary fiction novels published to date (as Nigel Jay Cooper: Beat The Rain, The Pursuit of Ordinary and Life, Slightly).

I’m currently learning French and just passed A2 level French (81% Pass) and am working towards B1 level.

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